5 Things You need to know about irrigation systems

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How to choose the right irrigation system

Irrigation systems are installed to help nurture and provide your landscape with the water it needs to thrive continuously throughout the year. Irrigation is a very important aspect of landscaping. If you are considering installing an irrigation system, there are a few things you should know. Irrigation systems can be used for different purposes in a variety of environments. Knowing the different types of methods will help make your irrigation system effective and beneficial to your landscaping needs. We provide you with all the irrigation system details you need to know here.

Introduction to common irrigation systems

Sprinkler irrigation system
Sprinkler irrigation system is one of the most common types of irrigation systems. Sprinkler systems are known for being the most versatile and versatile irrigation method because they can be used in a variety of environments.

Drip irrigation system

Drip irrigation is actually the exact opposite of sprinkler systems because of the way it supplies water to plants. Instead of providing water for plants and landscaping, drip irrigation projects provide water directly to plant roots through irrigation lines. This method is popular not only because of its effectiveness, but also because of the amount of water it saves, saving you money and time.

Surface irrigation system

Surface irrigation systems use gravity to distribute water throughout all of your landscapes. This is generally the least expensive type of irrigation system for certain types of landscapes, as water travels naturally due to the shape of the land.


Advantages of using irrigation systems

1.Advantages of using irrigation systemsIrrigation systems can save you time and money.
An effective irrigation system not only benefits your landscape, it also helps save you time and money. When properly maintained, irrigation systems are a huge investment that is reliable and useful for farmers, homeowners, and facility managers.

2.You don’t have to water the plants for hours.
Not everyone has hours to water landscapes and plants throughout the year. The irrigation system does the work for you. Depending on the method and product you choose, your irrigation system can be automated, saving you a lot of time.

3.You don’t have to worry about overdoing or flooding your plants.
Investing in irrigation systems can also save money on utility bills. Many homeowners do not realize that they are wasting unnecessary money when watering outdoors. Irrigation systems are designed to provide the ideal amount of water for your plants and landscape throughout the day.

4.Remote and automatic irrigation systems
Thanks to technological advances over the years, irrigation systems are now more high-tech than ever before. With the remote intelligent irrigation system, you can water your outdoor space efficiently anytime, anywhere. Many irrigation systems can be connected to your mobile phone, allowing you to download applications and easily monitor your irrigation system and landscape needs. This form of technology allows you to manage your irrigation system throughout the day, no matter where you are, and is invaluable for homeowners who travel frequently or are away from home during the morning and evening watering peaks.


JXCT Smart irrigation- Drip irrigation system

Drip irrigation system provides the most suitable scheme of automatic irrigation, sprinkler irrigation and drip irrigation according to the demand law of crops, soil moisture, soil properties and other conditions. The automatic irrigation system carries out regular and quantitative irrigation according to the scheme.

(1)precision irrigation
Through the information collected by the sensor, the soil water demand is judged and analyzed, and the irrigation is automatically stopped when the set threshold is reached, so as to achieve the purpose of saving water and precision irrigation.

(2)Remote centralized control
It supports remote control, manual control, automatic control, timing control and other working modes, which can control all irrigation equipment and save manpower.

(3)Operation log
The automatic irrigation system automatically records the operation of the equipment and automatically generates the operation log. You can view all operation records through the cloud platform.

(4)Agricultural environmental monitoring
Agricultural environmental monitoring platform can comprehensively, scientifically and truly reflect the environmental changes of the monitored area. Through the sensor collection terminal, and provide the soil moisture status of each monitoring point.


JXCT Sprinkler irrigation system-automatic control

(1)Balanced water and fertilizer

The sprinkler irrigation system can supply fertilizer at any time according to the law of crop fertilizer demand to ensure the balance of crop water and fertilizer.

(2)Save labor and time

The sprinkler irrigation system only needs to open the valve on the mobile app, and the automatic irrigation system can run automatically, saving labor and time.

(3)Saving water and fertilizer

The integration of water and fertilizer directly transports the fertilizer needed by crops to the roots of plants with water. It can greatly improving the utilization rate of fertilizer and water, saving water and fertilizer.

(4)Temperature control

The sprinkler irrigation system can regulate water quantity and soil temperature, drip irrigation can avoid the problem of crop retting root and yellow leaf caused by excessive irrigation, and control temperature and humidity