Introduction of IoT Intelligent Drip Irrigation System

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Drip irrigation is a precise fertilization method that only applies to the roots, which significantly improves fertilizer utilization. Compared with conventional fertilization, it can save more than 30-50% of fertilizer consumption. It saves a lot of fertilization labor, and saves more than 90% compared with traditional fertilization methods. The fertilization speed is fast, and the fertilization of the 1,000-acre area can be completed in 1 day. Flexible, convenient and accurate control of fertilization time and quantity. Significantly increase yield and improve quality, and enhance the ability of crops to withstand adverse weather. Marginal soils can be used to grow crops, such as sandy land, alpine steep slopes, mildly saline-alkali land, etc. It is beneficial to prevent the fertilizer from leaching into the groundwater and polluting the water body. The IoT intelligent drip irrigation system can be used for monitoring and control.

Intelligent drip irrigation system
Intelligent drip irrigation system
drip irrigation

Drip irrigation fertilization can be fertilized according to the fertilizer needs of crops. Fertilize more when the absorption is large, and fertilize less when the absorption is small. When many crops are closed, it is the peak period of fertilizer demand, but when people cannot enter the field and cannot top-dress (such as potatoes, sugarcane, pineapple, etc.), drip irrigation is not restricted and can be top-dressed at any time. Drip irrigation and fertilization due to precise water and fertilizer supply, the crops grow fast and can enter the fruiting period or harvest earlier.

Drip irrigation system is the use of pipes to transport pressurized water to the irrigation area, which is dispersed into small droplets through sprinklers, and sprayed evenly on the field to irrigate crops. Sprinkler irrigation can make the water utilization rate reach 90%, save labor and time, save costs, increase production and income, and avoid secondary salinization of the soil.

Drip irrigation system provides the most suitable scheme of automatic irrigation, sprinkler irrigation and drip irrigation according to the demand law of crops, soil moisture, soil properties and other conditions. The automatic irrigation system carries out regular and quantitative irrigation according to the scheme.