What are the benefits of a portable weather station?

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Portable weather station is an on-site automatic weather station, which is an important part of the weather station system. With the function of mobile phone meteorological short message, it can communicate with the computer of the meteorological center through various communication methods (wired, digital radio, GPRS mobile communication, etc.). Transmit meteorological data to the computer meteorological database of the meteorological center. For statistical analysis and processing.

Weather Monitoring System
Weather Monitoring System
The role of portable weather stations

Portable AWSs are, as the name suggests, portable installations. Portable weather stations are smarter and more flexible to use than ordinary weather stations. Therefore, the scope of use is wider. Ordinary weather stations are generally fixed in a certain place, which is more suitable for long-term continuous observation of meteorological elements in an environment. Portable automatic weather stations are compact and easy to carry. You can choose according to the different needs of use.

Portable weather station can continuously and automatically monitor temperature and humidity, PM2.5, PM10, atmospheric pressure, wind speed, wind direction, noise, rainfall, soil, evaporation, SO2, no, O3, CO and other real-time changes, quickly and accurately collect and process monitoring data, online automatic monitoring of regional air quality, Portable weather station,light and portable, super long standby for 10 hours.