What are the functions of sprinkler irrigation control system?

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my country is a big agricultural country and one of the countries with the poorest per capita water resources in the world. At the same time, my country is the most populous country in the world. It is necessary to meet the food needs of 1.4 billion people under the condition of limited water resources. Water-saving irrigation is imperative. It can be monitored using an irrigation control system.

irrigation control system
irrigation control system
Introduction of water-saving irrigation equipment

In fact, to achieve the best effect of water-saving irrigation. It is necessary to make a “tailor-made” selection according to the different conditions of soil, region and crops. Sprinkler and drip irrigation are the most common water-saving irrigation methods. By using piped water, sprinkler irrigation and drip irrigation can greatly reduce the evaporation and leakage of irrigation water.

Sprinkler irrigation uses pressurized water delivery, so the water pressure at the nozzle is relatively large. Its range is generally more than 10 meters. Compared with other water-saving irrigation, the up-front investment of sprinkler irrigation is lower. The sprinkler irrigation equipment is simple, and the post-maintenance cost is relatively small. For the agricultural industry, which is more difficult to produce profitably. Low cost and low maintenance, adding suitability for sprinkler irrigation.

Sprinkler irrigation system is the use of pipes to transport pressurized water to the irrigation area, which is dispersed into small droplets through sprinklers, and sprayed evenly to the field to irrigate crops. Sprinkler irrigation can make the water utilization rate reach 90%, save labor and time, save costs, increase output and income, and avoid secondary salinization of the soil.The sprinkler irrigation system provides the most suitable automatic irrigation. Sprinkler irrigation and drip irrigation schemes according to the requirements of crops, soil moisture, soil properties and other conditions.  The automatic irrigation system performs regular quantitative irrigation according to the plan.