Vigorously revitalize the development of smart agriculture

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We often see that only 1-2 people are required to manage a 100-acre farm. 10,000 pigs only need 1 worker. Smart agriculture reduces the cost by more than 60% compared to traditional agriculture. The output of smart agriculture is 1-2 times higher than that of traditional farms. In recent years, the power and effectiveness of smart agriculture have been gradually accepted and recognized by agricultural enterprises and farmers. Some people even regard Intelligent agriculture as a “life-saving straw for farms”. Use big data or connect to the Internet of Things and use drip irrigation technology. The farm that was going bankrupt survived.

Smart Agriculture Solution
Smart Agriculture Solution
Things you didn’t know about smart farming

Intelligent agriculture liberates farmers and makes them the leaders of agriculture. Secondly, smart agriculture has replaced slash-and-burn farming with advanced technology and improved the agricultural output ratio. Overall, smart agriculture frees up labor. Turn technology into a production tool. Replacing traditional people, so as to achieve stable agricultural output capacity.

Due to the use of traditional production methods. This results in non-standard agricultural products, inconsistent taste and appearance. thereby affecting the user experience. From the results, the quality of agricultural products directly determines the sales and prices of agricultural products. We found that smart agriculture has detailed and standard operating methods for agricultural production, fertilization, irrigation, sunshine, picking time and other aspects with the help of technological advantages. Thus ensuring the standardization of agricultural products. Improve the quality of agricultural products and realize the integration of product and effect.

Chinese agriculture has entered an era of high cost. From experience, the input cost of Chinese farmers is higher than that of Japan and the United States. As a result, high prices lead to high prices and weak competitiveness. Why are the prices of Chinese agricultural products higher than those of foreign countries? The reason is that Chinese farmers’ land rent, agricultural product prices, and labor costs are all rising year by year. Therefore, after the entry of smart agriculture, it can realize the multi-space use of land. Reduce the use of agricultural materials. The adoption of intelligence reduces the overall cost input such as labor costs. Thus improving the competitiveness of agricultural products.