Talk about the convenience brought by intelligent irrigation equipment

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China is one of the countries lacking water resources in the world. Water resources per capita is small, all industries have the responsibility and obligation to save water. Agriculture, as a large user of water, not only consumes a lot of water, but also has a low utilization rate of water resources. Therefore, agricultural water-saving task is difficult and imperative. Over the years, the state has been advocating and promoting advanced agricultural water-saving technology and related equipment, such as sprinkler irrigation, micro-irrigation, etc., which has achieved great results. Irrigation can be done with intelligent sprinkler irrigation equipment.

Intelligent sprinkler irrigation equipment
Intelligent sprinkler irrigation equipment
Intelligent sprinkler irrigation equipment

Take sprinkler irrigation, for example. Compared with surface irrigation, it has the characteristics of energy saving, water saving, production increasing, land saving and labor saving. Make farmland irrigation from the traditional manual operation into semi – mechanized, mechanized, and even automatic operation. Agricultural modernization was accelerated.

Sprinkler irrigation system is the use of pipes to transport pressurized water to the irrigation area, which is dispersed into small droplets through sprinklers, and sprayed evenly to the field to irrigate crops. Sprinkler irrigation can make the water utilization rate reach 90%, save labor and time, save costs, increase output and income, and avoid secondary salinization of the soil.

Spray gun or nozzle. Spray evenly, regularly and quantitatively over crop areas. Keep the soil loose in the main growing areas and maintain proper moisture. At the same time, according to the fertilizer requirements of different crops, the characteristics of soil environment and nutrient content. Spraying water will provide nutrients directly to the crops in proportion.Use mobile phone applications and PC terminals to control and view real-time data, and remotely control the switching of water and fertilizer facilities based on these data. During the fertilization process, you can know the irrigation location in real time through video.