Introduction to the function of water and fertilizer integrated machinery and equipment

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Traditional irrigation is based on experience. When you see the geography is dry, water it. I don’t want to water it if it feels like it! Such irrigation does not make sense. The control of irrigation by the water – fertilizer machine is determined by soil moisture. Through the machine through the soil moisture sensor can be real-time monitoring of soil moisture data. When the water content in the soil falls below the standard value, the machine automatically turns on the irrigation equipment and irrigates the soil. When the water in the soil reaches a standard range, the machine automatically shuts off the irrigation equipment. With real-time data to rely on to control irrigation. Greatly improve the utilization rate of irrigation water, so as to achieve the purpose of saving water.

Water and fertilizer integrated machine
Water and fertilizer integrated machine
Introduction of water and fertilizer integrated machine

The control of water and fertilizer is based on the same principle. The machine has a soil nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium sensor, which can monitor the nutrient data in the soil in real time. When nutrients in the soil are detected to be below standard levels, the fertilization system can be turned on automatically. When the soil nutrient reaches the standard value, the machine automatically stops fertilization. Through such data – dependent control, achieve the purpose of saving fertilizer.

Water and fertilizer integration technology is a new agricultural technology that integrates irrigation and fertilization. The integration of water and fertilizer is to use the pressure system (or the natural drop of the terrain) to mix the soluble solid or liquid fertilizer according to the soil nutrient content and the fertilizer requirement law and characteristics of the crop type, and the fertilizer solution and the irrigation water are mixed together through the controllable pipeline System water supply and fertilizer supply. After the water and fertilizer are melted, spray irrigation is formed through pipes, spray guns or nozzles, which are evenly, regularly, and quantitatively sprayed on the growth area of crops, so that the soil in the main growth area always maintains looseness and suitable moisture content. According to the characteristics of fertilizer requirements of different crops, soil environment and nutrient content conditions, and the law of fertilizer requirements, the requirements of different growth periods are designed, and water and nutrients are fixed and quantified, and directly provided to crops in proportion. Water and fertilizer integrated machine (fertilizer equipment) is the product of water and fertilizer integration technology.