Discussion on the function of water-saving drip irrigation equipment

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Irrigation is indispensable to agriculture. Throughout the history of agricultural irrigation, from the earliest human water carrying irrigation, to the later water pump irrigation, and then to the present sprinkler irrigation, micro-irrigation, drip irrigation and so on. Drip irrigation originated in Israel, the biggest advantage is water saving, Israel with this advantage, become an agricultural power! With the development of society, water resources are becoming more and more precious. Agricultural production is inseparable from irrigation of water resources, which can be irrigated with water-saving drip irrigation equipment. This not only ensures that plants get the water they need to grow. It can ensure a rise in the utilization rate of water resources, which can improve the waste of water resources to a certain extent.

Water-saving drip irrigation equipment
Water-saving drip irrigation equipment
Water-saving drip irrigation equipment

Although drip irrigation has the advantage of saving water, it also has disadvantages. Like when do crops get watered? When should irrigation be turned off? These are inseparable from people’s attention, if the attention is not enough, it will cause the irrigation is not timely, or too much irrigation. One of the big disadvantages of drip irrigation is the uniform irrigation method. Drip irrigation layout pipe network is integrated. For a large planting land, irrigation is needed in the east and not in the west due to illumination and topography. Therefore, if only unified irrigation, certainly not reasonable!

With the development of the planting industry, intelligent irrigation systems have made up for the shortcomings of drip irrigation. In fact, it is the improvement of drip irrigation, increasing the function of intelligent control and partition management. Intelligent irrigation system through the sensor control equipment, the system through the soil moisture sensor, real-time monitoring of soil moisture information. When soil moisture falls below a certain level, the system automatically turns on the irrigation equipment. When soil moisture reaches a standard value, the system automatically shuts down the irrigation equipment. The whole process is automated without manual management! Zoning management is a piece of land sub-area irrigation, each area has an independent sensor and control system, to avoid the drawbacks of unified irrigation!