Introduction of highway weather stations

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Weather stations are different because of their use. It can be divided into highway weather stations, agricultural weather stations, campus weather stations, portable weather stations and so on. Meteorological stations can be used to measure wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity, air pressure, total radiation and other meteorological data.

highway weather stations
highway weather stations
Highway weather station

Meteorological stations can be used in meteorology, agriculture, forestry, environment, colleges and universities, scientific research institutions or networking in airports, transportation, hydrology, polar expedition and many other fields of meteorological research. It is suitable for field research and test application. Users of weather stations can customize collocation elements according to their requirements. Wind speed and direction sensors are weather sensors with high precision and high reliability. The meteorological station data acquisition instrument has meteorological data acquisition and standard communication functions.

Agrometeorological observation system is mainly used to observe the growing environment of crops. Through the collection of environmental factors, temperature, humidity, radiation, photosynthetically active radiation, wind speed and direction, soil moisture, precipitation and other data. The material and energy exchange between crops and environment in small environment was analyzed. It can also be compared between multiple sets of agricultural weather stations. To obtain a suitable growing environment for crops. At the same time, we can also customize other observation elements for customers according to their observation requirements. Farmland meteorological observation system is of great significance to agricultural research and production.

The automatic weather station is composed of seven main parts: monitoring platform, acquisition system, communication system, sensor system, power supply system, real scene monitoring system and mechanical installation system. The weather station can combine the actual landscape measurement and LED display, and measure the air temperature and humidity, wind direction, wind speed, rainfall, soil temperature, soil moisture, light intensity, atmospheric pressure and other meteorological environmental elements at the same time. Adopting an open and friendly design concept, users can change element components and module cooperation by themselves, and quickly realize the change and expansion of data collection and processing methods and observation elements.