Talk about intelligent agriculture Internet of Things system

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Smart Agriculture iot systems can record and trace agricultural activities through big data and cloud computing technologies. It is helpful to build an automated system and platform integrating crop growth model analysis, environmental and ecological supervision and precise regulation in the field of agricultural production. It can help producers make decisions scientifically and accurately. Reduce means of production input costs, labor costs and time costs. Further promote the accurate management of agricultural production and maximize the input-output ratio of agriculture. We will comprehensively improve agricultural productivity and resource utilization.

Intelligent agriculture Iot system
Intelligent agriculture Iot system
Intelligent agriculture Iot system

The definition of smart agriculture varies with different research perspectives. To sum up, smart agriculture is the deep integration of modern information technologies such as the Internet, The Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and “5S” with agriculture. Forming a new agricultural production mode featuring agricultural information perception, quantitative decision-making, intelligent control, precise input and personalized service. Realizing agricultural visualization, remote diagnosis, accurate perception, disaster warning and other intelligent management. Promote the digitalization, intelligentization, intensification and ecology of agricultural industry. It is the advanced stage of agricultural informatization development from digitalization to network to intelligence.

Intelligent agriculture Iot sSmart agriculture is an advanced stage of agricultural production. It integrates emerging Internet, mobile Internet, cloud computing and Internet of Things technologies. It relies on various sensor nodes (environmental temperature and humidity, soil moisture, carbon dioxide, image Etc.) and the wireless communication network to realize the intelligent perception, intelligent early warning, intelligent decision-making and intelligent analysis of the agricultural production environment. Online guidance from experts in smart agriculture solutions provides precise planting, visual management, and intelligent decision-making for agricultural production.The function of video collection on the agricultural production site and monitoring of the production process.