The effect of farmland irrigation control system on irrigation

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As a large agricultural country, China has 2 billion mu of arable land. Farmland irrigation control system has become the most important agricultural production. Promoting comprehensive reform of agricultural water price, promoting agricultural water saving and realizing sustainable development of agriculture are the inevitable requirements of water control strategy in the new era. However, the traditional management of irrigation and water conservancy has great disadvantages, such as scattered shaft and inconvenient management. As a result of large and medium-sized irrigation area measurement facilities is not perfect. Daily agricultural use of water is not standardized, resulting in serious waste of water resources. To this end, perfect farmland water conservancy project system, form a good agricultural water price mechanism. The establishment of agricultural irrigation water quota management system is of great significance to the rational management of water resources.

Irrigation Controller
Irrigation Controller
Farmland irrigation control system

The irrigation controller can realize the control of the irrigation solenoid valve and the irrigation frequency conversion control cabinet. The irrigation controller can remotely control the solenoid valve to save water. The solenoid valve is controlled by two methods: buttons and cloud platform.

irrigation controller is highly integrated, and it controls solenoid valves, frequency converters, etc. at the same time.Use advanced LORA communication technology.Built-in battery, low power consumption, can run for a long time without power supply.Real-time monitoring of the temperature and working conditions of the product itself.Ultra-low power consumption, can work continuously for 1-3 years through a dedicated battery power supply.Support solar power supply.Real-time monitoring of battery power.It can monitor the signal value of the transmission network in real time and monitor the status of the transmission network.Good waterproof and sealing performance, suitable for various outdoor environments.Support GPS positioning function;