Application of irrigation controller in smart irrigation

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My country is a large agricultural country, and the current agricultural development in my country is at a turning point from traditional agriculture to modern agriculture. The area covered by farmland is so large that the proportion of farmland useful for irrigation needs to be increased. Generally speaking, my country’s agricultural intelligence is not high. Traditional agricultural irrigation methods cannot make rational use of water resources, which to a certain extent causes a waste of water resources. The farmland irrigation controller can not only save water, but also increase the effective irrigation ratio of farmland. Can increase the output value of agricultural products.

Farmland Irrigation Controller
Farmland Irrigation Controller
Farmland Irrigation Controller

With the development of the Internet of Things, wireless sensing skills are widely used. Compared with wired transmission methods, wireless transmission is more sensitive. Although short-distance wireless transmission technology is convenient and sensitive. However, the data transmission distance is not long, and the long-distance data transmission cannot be satisfied. 4G network data transmission has the characteristics of long distance, high quality and high speed. Therefore, this article plans a farmland irrigation system that uses time sequence guessing and combines short-distance wireless transmission skills with 4G skills.

The farmland irrigation controller selects short-distance wireless transmission and 4G wireless network technology according to the farmland irrigation system of the Internet of Things. Contains the characteristics of two network skills, which can complete the long-distance and reliable transmission of farmland environmental information. The system uses the method of time sequence guessing to make useful guesses on farmland irrigation conditions, which can accomplish the purpose of saving water resources.

The irrigation controller can realize the control of the irrigation solenoid valve and the irrigation frequency conversion control cabinet. The irrigation controller can remotely control the solenoid valve to save water. The solenoid valve is controlled by two methods: buttons and cloud platform.