The role of automatic weather stations for smart agriculture

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What is the function of a weather station? Not in contact with people in the weather station are usually not clear, what is the role of the weather station? In fact, the demand for weather stations in our daily life is irreplaceable. You know what the weather is going to be every day and it’s not just the weather forecast that works. And weather forecasting data support is indispensable weather stations. Today, with the continuous development of smart agriculture, the work field of weather stations is not only due to the meteorological field, but alsoAutomatic weather station, agricultural weather stations, road weather stations and so on.

Automatic weather station
Automatic weather station
Introduction of automatic weather stations

Weather stations can meet the growing demand for real-time, on-site weather information. Accurate data can help organizations make critical decisions about weather conditions that affect safety and operations. Traditional meteorological instruments are composed of several sensors and wind cups, which are prone to cracking and poor data accuracy at low wind speeds. The weather station has multiple parameters that can be customized to better meet the diverse needs of different customers.

Farmland environment automatic monitoring station is mainly composed of seven main parts: monitoring platform, acquisition system, communication system, sensor system, power supply system, field monitoring system and mechanical installation system. Weather stations can be combined with actual landscape measurements and LED displays. At the same time, temperature, humidity, wind direction, wind speed, rainfall, soil temperature, soil moisture and other meteorological environment elements are measured. Adopt open and friendly design concept. Users can change element components and module cooperation. Fast implementation of data acquisition and processing methods and observation elements of the change and expansion.