Introduction of Iot solutions for smart agriculture

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The implementation of smart agriculture iot solutions can effectively improve the agricultural ecological environment. Smart agriculture, through its material exchange and energy cycle of a systematic, precise calculation. Ensure that the ecological environment of agricultural production is within the tolerable range. Make weak traditional agriculture become modern industry with rate.

Smart Agriculture iot solutions are based on accurate agricultural sensors for real-time monitoring. Cloud computing, data mining and other technologies are used for multi-level analysis. And the analysis of instructions and a variety of control equipment linkage to complete agricultural production, management, significantly improve the efficiency of agricultural production and operation.

Smart agriculture
Smart agriculture
The importance of smart agrometeorology

Microclimate refers to the special climate that develops in the crop layer of a field. Microclimate has great influence on the growth, development and yield of crops as well as diseases and insect pests. Farmland microclimate not only has its inherent natural characteristics, but also is a kind of artificial microclimate. Agricultural microclimate can be changed to some extent through agricultural technology measures. The fundamental purpose of studying farmland microclimate is to improve farmland microclimate conditions and increase crop yield

Nowadays, many growers have begun to use greenhouses to grow vegetables, fruits, flowers and other crops. But ordinary greenhouse daily management needs a lot of manpower, material resources, production efficiency is very poor. Stay in backward stage, cannot satisfy the demand of modern agriculture industrialization development completely.

Jingxun unimpeded electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has been working in the field of smart agriculture for many years. With the construction of the unmanned agricultural ecosystem. It provides a successful enterprise sample for the implementation of the agricultural roadmap of rural revitalization and food production security.