Intelligent agriculture and intelligent greenhouse monitoring system

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The research and development of intelligent greenhouse monitoring system has brought great help to greenhouse planting. Can obviously improve production efficiency, economic benefits, social benefits. It can produce organic vegetables, rare vegetables, precious Chinese herbs and all kinds of rare and rare varieties with high environmental requirements in a scientific environment.

Intelligent greenhouse monitoring system can simulate the basic ecological environment factors. Such as temperature, humidity, light, CO2 concentration, etc., to adapt to the needs of different biological growth and breeding. It consists of intelligent monitoring units, according to preset parameters. Measurement of greenhouse climate, soil parameters, and the use of manual, automatic two ways to start or close different implementation structure (shading screen, heater, wet curtain water pump and fan, ventilation system, etc.). It can provide a suitable growth environment for crop growth and promote the improvement of crop yield and quality.

Smart Agriculture
Smart Agriculture 
Intelligent agriculture and intelligent greenhouse monitoring system

Intelligent agriculture Internet of Things solution, can realize one person to manage multiple greenhouses. One man carried out extensive soil fertilization and irrigation. Therefore, it has effectively solved the problem of increasingly scarce agricultural labor force. At the same time also realized agricultural production high scale, intensive, factory.

Intelligent agricultural iot solutions have changed the mode of agricultural production and operation that producers used to rely solely on experience. Completely changed the agricultural producers and consumers to the traditional agriculture backward, low technology content of the concept.

Intelligent agriculture intelligent greenhouse monitoring system through the real-time monitoring and fine adjustment of environmental parameters. It can obviously improve the utilization rate of each equipment and reduce energy consumption. With this system, even when the staff is not on site, the equipment parameters in the greenhouse can be monitored and controlled through remote monitoring, thus improving work efficiency and reducing production risks.