What are the effects of smart agriculture on agricultural production

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Smart agriculture is the application of Internet of Things technology to traditional agriculture. It is a combination of sensors and major systems through mobile phone terminal or computer terminal agricultural production remote control. Greatly improved the degree of automation of agricultural production. The functions of remote monitoring, prediction and alarm, automatic adjustment, data analysis and storage are realized.

With the development of “Internet + agriculture”, the mode of “e-commerce + agricultural products” is gradually popular. Smart agriculture has become a popular trend in agricultural production. Quality and safety traceability system, so that people eat safe and reliable food. Here are a few applications of smart agriculture. Let’s take a look.

Smart Agriculture Solution
Smart Agriculture Solution
The application of smart agriculture

The big data cloud enables unified data management. They can be uploaded to the cloud platform uniformly in different regions. The application of big data cloud enables you to view data more clearly and ensure data security.

Smart greenhouse system can realize indoor constant temperature. Keep the temperature in the room around 28 degrees at all times to provide a stable production environment for greenhouse crops. In this way, multiple production can be achieved, thus promoting agricultural development and helping farmers to get rid of poverty. Smart greenhouse to achieve a high degree of automation, without too much manual operation. Remote control fan rolling curtain quilt and other facilities start and stop. To a certain extent, the work efficiency has been greatly improved.

Intelligent management mode includes remote operating system and remote monitoring system. Managers can view the greenhouse 24 hours a day. Greatly reduce the human resources, reduce the human cost. The combination of agriculture and the Internet of Things enables one person to manage dozens of mu. It can be seen that intelligent agriculture can promote the development of agricultural production and realize intelligent agricultural management.