Which parameters can be monitored by portable automatic weather stations

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Weather stations can help people predict the changes in the weather. Farmers need agricultural weather stations to monitor wind speed and rainfall, which can help prevent extreme weather and precision irrigation. Students need to popularize meteorological knowledge through campus weather stations. Learn more about climate change and get closer to life. Airports need weather stations to monitor wind direction changes. Provide security for landing. Scenic spots need to monitor the air environment through portable automatic weather station to ensure tourists have a good environment. Weather stations vary according to the use scenario. The monitoring parameters are also different. Next, let’s take a look at the parameters of weather station monitoring:

Weather stations can monitor wind direction, temperature, humidity, light intensity, solar radiation, evaporation, CO2 concentration, wind speed, rainfall, soil temperature, soil moisture, atmospheric pressure, soil PH value, EC conductivity and other parameters. Almost all meteorological parameters are covered. We can fully grasp the meteorological law and provide the most timely and authoritative guidance.

Weather/ Environment Station
Weather/ Environment Station
Portable weather station

portable automatic weather station is a kind of unattended weather collection system which integrates meteorological data collection, storage, transmission and management. It can accurately measure weather factors such as wind direction, wind speed, rainfall, temperature, humidity, radiation and atmospheric pressure. However, the monitoring parameters need to be customized according to different usage scenarios. Weather stations have very powerful extension functions. Different external sensors can be connected according to requirements, up to more than ten kinds of sensors. It satisfies the requirement of meteorological multi – parameter measurement. Weather stations play a huge role in the field of climate monitoring, which monitors climate data in real time. With this data, administrators can make analysis based on the data to adjust the surrounding environment. Timely warning and prevention, saving a lot of manpower and material resources. Small weather stations are important equipment to ensure that they are not affected by natural factors.