Introduction of weather stations for agricultural applications

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The theme of the meteorological Science and Technology Week 2021 is “Science and Technology make the world a better place”. At an exhibition at wuhan Science and Technology Museum. China’s first generation of global atmospheric and land surface reanalysis products. A large number of meteorological scientific and technological achievements, including GRAPES, a numerical weather forecast system independently developed by China with complete intellectual property rights, smart grid forecast service platform and weather stations, were displayed in the exhibition area. During meteorological Science and Technology Week.

Meteorological departments across the country will carry out science and technology popularization activities of various forms, rich content and strong experience. Scientific research platforms such as meteorological popular science education bases, meteorological platforms, and field science experiment bases will be opened to the public. And a nationwide campaign to popularize climate change knowledge into schools, rural areas, military barracks and public places. To display China’s achievements in meteorological science and technology. Popularize knowledge of meteorological science. Jingxun Unimpeded agricultural weather station can help farmers to further understand climate change, real-time monitoring of environmental climate conditions. To better manage crops and increase yields.

Agricultural weather stations
Agricultural weather stations
Weather station

Weather stations will record temperature, precipitation, air pressure, sky coverage, wind speed and direction, as well as relative humidity, soil temperature and humidity. Then the LCD displays the current state of the screen. It will also publish all weather data to the web around the clock for farmers to use. Agricultural weather stations will provide many benefits to farmers by monitoring rainfall. Help farmers irrigate properly and monitor wind direction. Help farmers timely judgment to do preventive measures and so on.

Agricultural weather stations provide accurate meteorological services for agriculture. With the development of science and technology, agricultural weather stations are rapidly applied in agricultural production. Meteorological conditions have an important impact on agricultural production, drought, flood, high temperature, freezing and other conditions are always closely related to crops. Weather stations can provide meteorological services for us through real-time detection, and guide our agricultural activities in time.