Smart agriculture has prominent advantages reflected in several aspects

User:JXCTUpload time:Nov 08 2021

In fact, the output of smart agriculture is basically not much more than that of traditional agriculture from the perspective of small area of farmland cultivation, but if it is changed to large area cultivation, the advantages of smart agriculture compared with traditional agriculture are very obvious.  


Why do you say that?  We can compare the advantages and disadvantages of smart agriculture and traditional agriculture from the following levels.  

First of all, large areas of crops, are relatively scientific planning, such as a particular area specifically what crops, another area to another kind of crops, and an area to lie fallow, to an area to be used to make animal husbandry, this means that within the designated an area, one or a few living habits similar to crops,  When dealing with these crops, the pattern of agricultural labor is relatively fixed, in dealing with such a high degree of monotonous and repetitive work, mechanical, or the efficiency of artificial intelligence is much higher than ordinary people, after all intelligent agriculture equipment or machinery and equipment, as long as you set the program, and then keep the power supply is adequate,  Mechanical and intelligent agricultural equipment can always operate in accordance with the requirements, which only need to consider heat dissipation and mechanical problems, do not need to be like people, but also need to rest and adjustment.  

Second, large area planting means to spend too much time on the road, spend more time on the road, means that the work time is reduced, and all kinds of special agricultural sensor, intelligent agricultural machinery, they can be for a long time to stay in planting area or surrounding the planting area, ready to do farm work,  This is also hard to compare with artificial cultivation.  


Finally, from the control of details:  Used in all kinds of intelligence agriculture agricultural sensor devices. They can be more subtle grasp of farmland, and the same people want accurate grasp of farmland. Indispensable is ample experience in agriculture, it is not easy, agriculture the accumulation of experience is need long time. Now won’t have so many people have so much time to do this thing.  

In a word, smart agriculture plays a huge role in large farms. The above three points are obtained without considering cost sharing. If cost sharing is considered, the advantages of smart agriculture are even more obvious.