Soil sensor devices make the development of smart agriculture better

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With the progress of science and technology and the continuous development of society, now agriculture has also embarked on the road of intelligent agriculture. IOT soil sensor is a new agricultural method formed by the combination of the basic network of the Internet and the Internet of things and traditional fish agriculture. This way of agriculture makes farmers and agricultural companies no longer need to pay a lot of money to hire people to work hard facing the loess.

When agriculture is on the road of intelligence, people can use the latest technology to carry out overall monitoring and operation, saving trouble and labor. With the progress of science and technology, intelligent agriculture, intelligent irrigation, intelligent elevator, intelligent fire fighting and so on have entered people’s life. While bringing convenience to people’s lives, it also indicates the progress of the overall technological Internet of things.

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soil moisture sensor
soil moisture sensor

With the great development and continuous progress of smart agriculture, smart agriculture is also known by more people, and the soil monitoring equipment related to smart agriculture has also attracted people’s attention. The soil monitoring equipment independently developed by Jingxun Unsmooth can help farmers to monitor the specific situation of the soil. The soil sensor adopts electromagnetic non-contact measurement, which greatly enhances the stability of the product and prolongs its service life. 

Five pin upgrade, a number of parameters can be determined. Multi-parameter monitoring can be carried out, not only saving the cost but also convenient. Soil NPK sensors can effectively monitor soil nutrients, so that plants can quickly know the lack of nutrients, and even if supplemented, to create a more suitable environment for plants. Factory direct sales, no intermediate link layer upon layer of markup, the price is more appropriate, can be customized according to your needs, can better meet the diverse needs of customers.