Where do we need a weather station?

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With the development of modern science and technology, meteorological monitoring equipment is no longer the special equipment of the meteorological bureau, and meteorological monitoring is no longer only dependent on weather forecast. With the continuous development of modern weather station, the achievements have made up for the shortcomings of traditional meteorological monitoring, such as the lack of measuring points and the untimely transmission of monitoring information, which have been widely used in various industries in production and life. Let’s take a look at the application of weather stations.

Weather station should be used on campus

The weather station applied in campus is called “campus weather station”. The establishment of campus weather station can stimulate students’ interest in exploring science, build a good platform for students to explore meteorological science knowledge, and improve the connotation of campus meteorological science popularization. Through the establishment of campus weather station, the knowledge of weather change, disaster prevention and reduction and other meteorological knowledge into the campus. Campus weather station has popularized students’ meteorological knowledge, exercised students’ ability to participate in social practice, active students’ after-school life, and optimized the campus science education environment.

weather station
weather station
The application of weather stations in agriculture

The application of weather stations in agriculture is called “agricultural weather stations”. With agricultural weather stations, farmers can grasp climate data and information in time, take scientific management measures to guide production in time, and improve the production capacity and level of agriculture. Not only that, but also can provide growers can rely on data information, reduce meteorological disasters, farmers can know the growth of crops in real time, such as when to water, when to fertilize and so on. Overall, the main function of agro weather stations themselves is to help growers grow more efficiently.

Meteorological stations should be used in parks and scenic spots

Meteorological stations used in parks or scenic spots are called “scenic weather stations”, which are specially designed for monitoring meteorological data of scenic spots. It can monitor the ecological environment and meteorological environment elements of the scenic spot in real time, and provide accurate and systematic data for the real-time meteorological conditions and ecological comfort index of the scenic spot.

Meteorological stations should be used in the field environment

Field environmental meteorological monitoring, there are a lot of uncertain factors, sometimes will go along with the survey. Therefore, we will choose “portable weather station” as the meteorological monitoring equipment for field environment measurement.

The application of weather stations in the forest

Weather stations used in the forest, known as the “forest stations”, forest stations through the forest fire monitoring and prone to wind speed and direction, air temperature, relative humidity, solar radiation and meteorological factor, can prevent the occurrence of forest fires, in the case of the fire also can guide staff for rapid fire fighting work rationally, make property losses to a low.

The application of weather stations on highways

The weather station applied on the expressway is called “highway weather station”, which is a typical comprehensive multi-element highway monitoring station specially designed for traffic meteorological service. It takes visibility, weather phenomenon and road surface condition monitoring as the core, and measures relevant basic meteorological parameters at the same time. It is mainly used for timely detection of various abnormal traffic environmental factors and meteorological conditions in various sections and key points, providing real-time scientific basis for meteorological service and traffic management departments.