How does a irrigation system work

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Intelligent irrigation system, also known as agricultural intelligent irrigation system, intelligent drip irrigation control system. Intelligent irrigation Internet of things system, modern agriculture advocates the realization of water saving. Fertilizer saving, labor saving efficient automatic control irrigation system.

Smart irrigation system is an organic combination of water-saving irrigation technology; crop cultivation technology and water-saving irrigation engineering operation management technology. At the same time, integrated electronic information technology. Remote monitoring network technology, computer control technology, information collection and processing technology. Through the computer universal, modular design process. In order to achieve the water saving irrigation, crop physiological approximation and humidity control. Build the water flow, water pressure, soil water, crop growth information and meteorological data of the automatic monitoring and control system; And simulation and optimization for the soil environmental factors. Thus to increase the theoretical study of agricultural water saving to realistic application technology level. Intelligent irrigation system has strong practicability, accurate control of irrigation timing and quantity. Wide range of applications, powerful functions and simple operation.Can be widely used in food, vegetables, flowers, fruit trees, greenhouse and other irrigation management.

Smart Irrigation
Smart Irrigation
System structure:

1. First hub: including pump (and power machine), fertilizer tank, filter, control and measuring instruments.Its role is to pump fertilizer, filter, and pressure a certain amount of water into the main pipe.

2. Pipeline: including main pipe, branch pipe, wool pipe and necessary regulating equipment (such as pressure gauge, gate valve, flow regulator, etc.).Its function is to deliver pressurized water evenly to the dropper.

3. Drip head: Its job is to make water flow through a small channel, creating an energy loss and reducing its pressure so that it drops into the soil in a droplet fashion.The dropper is usually placed on the surface of the soil or can be protected by shallow burial.

The smart irrigation system independently developed by Jingxun Unimpeded is currently widely used in farmland, gardens, parks and other scenes.