Suggestions on accelerating the development of smart agriculture

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Use wisdom agricultural high and new technology and the Internet technology development. The change of traditional agricultural production mode is the inevitable trend of modern agricultural development Further promote rural economic development, increase farmers’ income, to accelerate the process of agricultural industrialization, enhancing agricultural comprehensive competitiveness of a new type of agricultural pattern and an important part of modern agriculture. It will provide strong guarantee for the development of smart agriculture.

Attract high-quality personnel and speed up the training of new types of professional farmers

High-quality professional farmers are the driving force for the development of smart agriculture.We should cultivate new type of professional farmers and increase investment in agricultural research.We will build a contingent of high-level personnel in agricultural research to ensure the high-quality development of agriculture.The government should increase investment in policy guidance, capital input, material integration and talent training to support the construction and development of smart agriculture.In particular, all-round and multi-channel efforts will be intensified to promote smart agriculture.Introduce incentive policies to encourage farmers to take the initiative to innovate and develop smart agriculture.

At the same time, it will strengthen the seamless connection between agricultural colleges and industries, provide technical training for farmers on a regular basis, gradually improve the professional education system for farmers, and actively promote the development of smart agriculture.Cultivate a number of high-quality professional agricultural personnel who understand agriculture, love rural areas, and love farmers.Encourage enterprises and relevant personnel to participate in the development of modern agriculture. And contribute to the development of smart agriculture and rural revitalization.

We will establish a modern agricultural research system and increase its influence

We will increase input in agricultural research, build high-quality agricultural research teams, establish a modern agricultural research system, speed up the application of scientific and technological achievements, and increase the internal driving force for agricultural research.At the same time, the establishment of a modern agricultural research system with leading enterprises as the focus, research institutes, farmers’ professional cooperatives, farmers as units.Promote the effective combination of “production, learning and research” and absorb superior scientific and technological resources;Integrating agricultural science and technology resources;Carry out various forms of “industry-university-research” mode;Accelerate industrial docking;Perfecting the service system of science and technology;We will promote the development of modern intelligent agriculture.

We will strengthen it application in agriculture

Information construction needs multi-disciplinary cooperation and overall planning.It is necessary to create intelligent agricultural information platform through modern information media for data interconnection and sharing to meet the needs of agricultural production and timely solve the problems of information asymmetry.

Through big data and cloud computing technology, in-depth mining of information resources, improve the quality of agricultural industrialization construction.The government should increase input, improve management and public service capacity, and promote the construction of agricultural informatization to a new level.

real time control
real time control
We will strengthen agricultural infrastructure and upgrade agricultural machinery and equipment

Strengthen the construction of irrigation and water conservancy, mainly including water diversion, storage, irrigation and other aspects. And further realize digital and green irrigation. Accelerate the production of agricultural machinery and equipment and the transformation of achievements, increase market input.We will strengthen subsidies for the purchase of agricultural machinery and equipment. Encourage rural households to actively use modern agricultural machinery and equipment. And realize precise, intelligent and scientific remote control of agricultural production and management.