What is digital agriculture?

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Digital agriculture is a modern agriculture that takes information as agricultural production factor and uses modern information technology to visually express. Digitize design and informationize agricultural object, environment and whole process.Digital agriculture makes the effective integration of information technology and agriculture. It is of great significance to the transformation of traditional agriculture and agricultural production mode.

Digital agriculture will be remote sensing, geographic information system, global positioning system (GPS), computer technology, communication and network technology, automation technology and other high and new technology and geography, agronomy, ecology, plant physiology, soil science and other basic subjects organically. Realize in the process of agricultural production of crops, real-time monitoring of soil from macro to micro.

To achieve on crops growth, development, plant diseases and insect pests, water conditions and access to information on a regular basis. The corresponding environment for generating dynamic spatial information system, the phenomenon of agricultural production. To simulate the process, to achieve the rational utilization of agricultural resources, reduce production cost, improve the ecological environment, improve the quality of agricultural products and purpose.

digital agriculture
digital agriculture
The composition of digital agriculture

Digital agriculture is a collective concept, which mainly contains the following four main parts:

1. Internet of Things for agriculture

The Agricultural iot is, in essence, a numerical control system.In a particular closed system, things are connected based on devices such as probes, sensors, cameras, etc.It automates control and operation according to established parameters and models.Due to the investment and networking of hardware equipment, the investment is large, mainly used for the management and operation of facility agricultural production process, and also for the processing, storage and logistics management of agricultural products.

2. Big Data in agriculture

Agricultural big data is corresponding to the concept of Internet of things of agriculture, it is a data system, collection, identification, identify the data in the open system, and establish the database, through the parameters, the model and algorithm to combine and optimize the multidimensional and huge amounts of data, and provide the basis for production operation and management decision, and realize part of automation control and operation.Because it operates in a completely open system, it is mainly used in the production of field agriculture and the operation and management of the whole agricultural industry chain.

3. Smart water bottle

Precision agriculture is an implementation and operating system based on agricultural machinery hardware.It is mainly based on the single-machine hardware of agricultural machinery, with detection equipment and intelligent control software, to achieve accurate operation, variable control (including variable sowing, variable fertilization, variable spraying, etc.), unmanned driving, and the best working environment and scene adaptation.Precision agriculture emphasizes the precision and intelligent control of the operation of (single) equipment and facilities, which is hardware + software.

4. Smart Agriculture

Intelligent agriculture is an expert decision-making system based on experience model, and its core is software system.Smart agriculture emphasizes intelligent decision-making system, with a variety of hardware facilities and equipment, is system + hardware.The decision models and systems of intelligent agriculture can be widely used in the fields of agricultural Internet of Things and agricultural big data.

As the development of digital agriculture is still in its early stages, there is still a lot of ambiguity about its core components and the understanding of each part, so it is common for concepts to be misused and confused.

Although the future development prospect of digital agriculture is very attractive, it will take some time for digital agriculture to make a breakthrough from a single point to comprehensive progress and application due to the wide variety of categories and varieties involved in agricultural production, the long and complex production process, and many uncontrollable factors and variables.