What is an irrigation fertilizer injection system

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In a narrow sense, it is through the irrigation fertilizer injection system that the crop absorbs nutrients while absorbing water. Irrigation and fertilization are carried out at the same time, which is achieved by injecting fertilizer solution into the irrigation water pipe under pressure. Fertilization and irrigation water is sprayed on the crops or dripped into the root zone through irrigators (sprinklers, micro-sprinklers, drippers, etc.).


Broadly speaking, it is to apply fertilizer after dissolving the fertilizer, including drenching, pouring, spraying, pipe application and so on. A plant has two “mouths”, the root system is its big mouth, and the leaves are its small mouth. Many nutrients are absorbed through the root system. Foliar sprays can only play a supporting role. How does the fertilizer we put on the soil reach the plant’s mouth? There are usually two processes. One is called the diffusion process. After the fertilizer is dissolved, it enters the soil solution, and the nutrients near the root surface are absorbed and the concentration decreases. The soil solution far away from the root surface has a higher concentration. As a result, diffusion occurs, and nutrients move to a low concentration on the root surface and are eventually absorbed.

The other process is called mass flow. The stomata of plant leaves open when exposed to sunlight, and transpiration occurs (this is a physiological phenomenon of plants), causing water loss. The root system must constantly absorb water before the leaves can evaporate and consume water. The water close to the root system is absorbed, and the water far away flows to the surface of the root system. The nutrients dissolved in the water will also reach the surface of the root system and be absorbed by the root system. Therefore, fertilizer must be dissolved in order to be absorbed. Undissolved fertilizer plants “cannot eat” and the effect is not good. In practice, it is necessary to carry out irrigation and fertilization at the same time (integrated management of water and fertilizer).


The fertilizer applied to the soil is fully absorbed, and the fertilizer utilization rate is greatly improved. The prerequisite for the integration of water and fertilizer is to dissolve the fertilizer first. Then manage it in a variety of ways. Such as foliar spraying, carrying shower watering, drag pipe showering, sprinkler irrigation, micro-sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation, tree trunk water injection, etc. Among them, drip irrigation has the best effect due to the prolonged fertilization time.

irrigation fertilizer injection system
irrigation fertilizer injection system
The role of water and fertilizer integrated drip irrigation system

Water and fertilizer integrated drip irrigation system. It is easy to realize a small amount of fertilization according to crop fertilization requirements. Secondly, it can reduce the waste caused by the volatilization and leaching of chemical fertilizers. Thereby greatly improving the utilization rate of chemical fertilizers. Generally speaking, the lower the soil fertility level, the more obvious the fertilizer saving effect. Drip fertilization and watering do not need to go deep underground, ditches and cover the soil. The task of irrigation and fertilization can be completed in one or two days, covering thousands of acres of land. Drip irrigation fertilization is facility irrigation fertilization. The operation control of the entire system can easily accomplish the task of irrigation and fertilization with only one labor force. This is suitable for crop planting areas and mountain orchards, and the labor saving effect is very obvious.