Talking about the Necessity of Soil Moisture for Agricultural Production

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Soil moisture is one of the main limiting factors for crop growth. With the intensification of climate change and climate uncertainty, droughts, floods, and droughts have occurred frequently. The impact on agricultural production has become increasingly prominent, and the threat it poses is also growing. how to check humidity of soil, can be based on the results of soil moisture monitoring. Understand the soil moisture content, according to the abundance and deficiency of the moisture content, timely implement agricultural irrigation or drainage measures. Can effectively reduce the impact on agricultural production yield and quality. It can be seen that the monitoring and forecasting of soil moisture is an important agricultural activity. It is of great significance to guarantee food security and agricultural production.

how to check humidity of soil
how to check humidity of soil
The necessity of soil moisture monitoring and forecasting
Response to climate change requirements

As global climate change intensifies. And in recent years, climate uncertainty has become increasingly obvious. The threat of drought and flood disasters to agricultural production activities is increasing, and the impact on agricultural production is increasing. The problem of drought and water shortage is more prominent than that of floods and needs to be solved urgently. Therefore, it is imperative to monitor and forecast soil moisture. In order to make corresponding drought response measures. Reduce the threat of frequent and sudden droughts and floods to agricultural production and damage to crop growth. Promote the transformation of agricultural development mode and sustainable agricultural development. Ultimately guarantee national food security and provide guarantees.

Important equipment for water-saving irrigation

agricultural irrigation water accounts for more than 50% of China’s water consumption. How to check humidity of soil is very important. It is the main water user. According to statistics, in the face of drought, most of them choose irrigation. However, due to the backward irrigation technology, the management level is not high. For a long time, the utilization rate of agricultural irrigation water has been low. Less than 50%, water waste is very serious. Soil moisture is the key limiting factor for crop growth. The accurate collection and forecast of soil moisture information is the key link and basic support for the promotion of water-saving irrigation, scientific water use, high-efficiency irrigation, and optimal regulation. It is a key guarantee to prevent drought, control drought, and promote the sustainable development of agricultural production.

The development of precision agriculture is essential

soil moisture is used to determine the amount of water in the crop soil. Knowing the changes in soil moisture in time can effectively avoid the occurrence of drought. Reducing damage and loss is also of important guiding significance for the development of refined agricultural irrigation. The soil moisture monitoring system can realize the automatic monitoring of soil moisture. Accurate, timely and effective data accumulation and analysis will not only help prevent agricultural drought. Guide scientific irrigation and production, and can further improve the soil moisture monitoring network. Provide a strong production for the development of cultivated land quality protection and improvement