Irrigation artifact smart irrigation system controller

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Smart irrigation is a new and effective irrigation method. Appropriate design can be made according to the requirements of suitable plants, growth conditions, soil moisture, soil properties and other conditions. Develop an appropriate irrigation plan. Realize local precision irrigation and reduce manpower. Saving resource costs and saving water resources has a very good effect on promoting agricultural development. Although the existing water-saving irrigation system controller have significant effects in reducing crop irrigation costs and increasing crop yields. However, all manual operations require a lot of work and cannot liberate labor. The 4G online irrigation controller only requires one person and one mobile phone. All irrigation equipment in the park can be controlled. Compared with the traditional management model, it greatly saves manpower.

The 4G wireless automatic irrigation system controller has real-time control, delay control, timing control, linkage control, mutual exclusion control and other functions. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional automatic irrigation that can only be applied to farmland. The 4G wireless automatic irrigation controller is small in size, well made and powerful! Let automatic irrigation enter more fields, and efficiently empower all kinds of irrigation and planting scenarios! Liberate manpower and let the people automatically water the era sooner.

irrigation system controller
irrigation system controller
Features of 4G online irrigation system controller

Large LCD display. One screen of the irrigation controller can display all operating information on the operation interface. The interface is simple and easy to operate;

Button control. The irrigation controller can individually control two solenoid valves. Irrigation is simple and quick, with indicator light operation feedback. The irrigation status can be checked at any time, and the use is more assured.

The irrigation controller can be equipped with a pilot pulse solenoid valve. The switch is controlled by a pulse signal, so there is no need to continuously output a signal during irrigation. The valve body is made of reinforced nylon material and EPDM rubber diaphragm to resist chemical agents used in agriculture. Built-in pressure regulator, equipped with adjustment knob in the range of 0.7~45bar.

4G online irrigation controller application

In China, agricultural water consumption accounts for about 80% of total water consumption. As the efficiency of agricultural irrigation is generally low, the utilization rate of water resources is only 45%. The problem of agricultural irrigation water is of great significance to alleviating the shortage of water resources. The 4G online irrigation controller can control all the irrigation equipment in the park through a mobile phone. Let automatic irrigation enter more fields, efficiently empower various irrigation and planting scenarios, and liberate manpower. The irrigation controller is suitable for small-scale irrigation of parks, villas, gardens, grassland, greenhouses and gardens.