The role of PE pipe in fertilizer doser

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Introduction of Irrigation PE Pipe

Irrigation PE pipes are made of high-quality raw materials and manufactured by mechanical processing. High quality standards, non-toxic, harmless, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, good hot-melt performance, long service life, and good compressive toughness. It is suitable for sprinkler irrigation and drip irrigation in agriculture, greenhouses, greenhouses, orchards. PE pipe can be equipped with water and fertilizer doser machine for irrigation.

fertilizer doser
fertilizer doser
Features of PE pipe:

The appearance is bright and shiny. The pipeline is made of high-quality materials, oily and bright, and the color is gorgeous;

The inner wall is smooth, and only good materials can make the pipe. The inner wall is smooth as silk to ensure the rapid passage of water flow and reduce water flow resistance;

Blue bold stripes, thick pipes, good hygiene, no scaling layer, no bacteria breeding.

Advantages of PE pipe:

High pressure resistance, good toughness, thick and compressive resistance, strong flexibility, high-quality raw materials, and abrasion resistance. Frost resistance, high temperature resistance, can be used in low temperature/high temperature environment, not easy to break. The material is stable and corrosion-resistant, resistant to a variety of chemical media, and is not easy to corrode the pipeline;

PE pipe application:

The prerequisite for the integration of water and fertilizer is that the water and fertilizer machine first dissolves the fertilizer. Then manage it in a variety of ways. Such as foliar spraying, drag pipe drenching, sprinkler irrigation, micro-sprinkler irrigation (the most popular water pipe spraying in the south), drip irrigation, carrying shower watering, tree trunk watering, etc. Among them, drip irrigation has the best effect. Due to the prolonged fertilization time, it saves the most fertilizer.

The PE pipe can be equipped with a water and fertilizer doser machine for spraying seedlings in a greenhouse. , Used for greenhouse vegetables, orchard seedlings, farmland irrigation. It is used for large-area automatic irrigation and gardening sprinkler irrigation. Drip irrigation in the orchard saves the efficiency of artificial water and fertilizer.