Sand filter in smart irrigation devices

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Sand and gravel filters are used as smart irrigation devices. It is a device that uses sand and gravel as a medium for filtering. The filtering principle is that water containing impurities such as mud and sand enters the sand bed after entering the tank body. The filtration process is completed when passing through the tortuous pores between the filter media. The mud sand is trapped in the sand bed filter unit. The filtered water enters the secondary screen filter through the sand bed filter unit. When the pressure difference exceeds the maximum allowable pressure drop during work, manual cleaning or backwashing should be performed.


Sand and gravel filters are mainly used to filter water quality containing organic matter and mud in water sources such as reservoirs, ponds, dams, open channels, and rivers, and are especially suitable for smart irrigation devices for the treatment of algae, floating debris and other debris. It is especially suitable for the treatment of sundries such as algae and floating objects. According to the type of irrigator selected. Generally, it needs to be used in series with a screen filter or a laminated filter. Irrigation sand filter quartz sand filter is one of the most effective means to remove suspended solids in water. It is an important unit in advanced sewage treatment, sewage reuse and water supply treatment. Its function is to further remove the flocculated pollutants in the water. It achieves the purpose of water purification through the interception, sedimentation and adsorption of the filter material.

smart irrigation devices
smart irrigation devices

The backwash system is simple, does not need a backwash pump, and is easy to operate. Make the system maintain a consistent filtering effect. The filter system automatically starts backwashing in multiple ways such as time and pressure difference. Fully automatic operation. Each filter unit in the system is backwashed in sequence, and water production is not interrupted during backwashing.

The filtration system adopts modular technology, according to the required flow rate, land occupation, etc. Multiple filter units are available for selection and flexible combination.

The system occupies a small area, and the arrangement of the filter units can be flexibly arranged according to the actual land use. The system is light in weight and does not require a special foundation. General sand and gravel filters play an inestimable role in automatic irrigation. In the first hub, combined with laminated filters or mesh filters to thoroughly filter the irrigation water. So as to ensure the smooth operation of a complete set of automatic irrigation system. It is of great significance to complete normal irrigation of agricultural irrigated crops.