Drip irrigation, suitable for greenhouse irrigation technology

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Greenhouse drip system in the greenhouse water-saving irrigation system. Drip irrigation systems are more commonly used. Drip irrigation is the most widely used water-saving irrigation technology with the highest effective utilization rate of irrigation water. Suitable for most plants. In the greenhouse, choosing a reasonable irrigation method is of great significance to vegetable cultivation. Greenhouse drip irrigation facilities not only have the advantages of water saving, energy saving, increased production, labor saving, and time saving. It can also control the ground temperature, maintain the temperature in the shed, and shorten the growth period of vegetables.

drip system
drip system
What is greenhouse drip irrigation

Greenhouse drip irrigation uses a dropper installed on a capillary tube. Drip water evenly and slowly into the soil near the roots of the plants. It can be used with intelligent water and fertilizer integrated machine. Under the action of soil capillary force, water infiltrates and diffuses in the soil, and is absorbed and utilized by plant roots. The soil moisture is always in an unsaturated state. Make the soil loose and breathable, which is conducive to plant growth. The principle of hose drip irrigation is more irrigation and less irrigation.

The drip system mainly consists of a pressure water source and a head filter. The stem branch pipe network, field water head (fertilization, control, etc.) and capillary irrigation devices are composed. The main advantages are water saving, uniform irrigation and energy saving. It has strong adaptability to soil and terrain, labor-saving production, and convenient field operation.

Significance of using drip system technology in greenhouses

Drip irrigation technology is particularly suitable for the construction of northern vegetable bases. The application effect in the northern greenhouse is very obvious, which can effectively save water. Improve the quality and economic benefits of greenhouse vegetables. It is an effective measure to promote the adjustment of agricultural planting structure and greatly improve economic, social and ecological benefits. Jingxuntong’s irrigation controller has the advantages of cost reduction, soil detection, and water saving. With features such as remote control, the control of the water valve can be achieved through two methods, buttons and cloud platform. It is widely used in smart agriculture, smart irrigation, and soil moisture monitoring. Landscaping meteorological remote sensing survey and other agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, sideline and fishery fields. Factory direct sales, the price is right, you can choose the most suitable product for you according to your needs.