A good outdoor weather station is of great help to campus teaching

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The combination of theory and practice has always been one of the education methods most advocated by the education department of our country. This requires students to not only pay attention to the books in the learning process. Attention should also be paid to applying this knowledge in the course of practice. The meteorological changes have a huge impact on human production and life. Therefore, learning knowledge related to weather changes is a compulsory course for every school. But these are just for reading in books and it is not enough. You must really get in touch with the outdoor weather station. And get started to observe. Therefore, many schools will secure some outdoor weather stations for teaching on campus.

These teaching weather stations can monitor local weather conditions such as illuminance, wind speed and direction, rainfall, and greenhouse temperature in real time. And the reading is clear, which is convenient for students to operate and study. In addition, this type of outdoor weather station equipment also plays a role in maintaining the campus environment. With the development of smart agriculture, various IoT devices are quickly entering people’s production and life.

outdoor weather station
outdoor weather station
Weather station equipment

Some campus weather station equipment also comes with gas sensors and soil sensors. Can detect the content of harmful gases in the air. And the water content in the soil, Ph value, soil fertility and other factors. This is of great significance for maintaining the health of the students in the school and the good state of the landscaping on the campus. And these relatively complete campus weather station equipment also have some functions of an agricultural weather station to some extent. In those agricultural colleges and universities, these agricultural meteorological stations have greater application space in the teaching process.

Because students in agricultural colleges pay more attention to time. When working on a project, I often plant some crops by myself. And in order to get the desired data and related results. It is also necessary to record the soil and meteorological information during the growth of crops on time and point.

Generally speaking, when doing this kind of work, the students of agricultural colleges rely on some relatively simple equipment. For example, traditional thermometers, hygrometers, PH test papers, etc. These tools are cumbersome to use and difficult to read. They are far less convenient than weather station equipment equipped with various gas sensors and soil sensors. It can be said that if the farmland area of ​​agricultural colleges has these professional outdoor weather station equipment on campus. When agricultural students study and research, they will save a lot of unnecessary trouble. Make them more enthusiastic about learning and research, and greatly enhance their creativity.