Wall-mounted temperature and humidity sensor

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Temperature and humidity sensor -humidity sensor overview

Normally, our production workshops need temperature and humidity sensor for temperature and humidity control. Especially key areas like warehouses are mainly used to store raw materials. And every kind of raw material needs to be preserved at room temperature. Too high or low temperature will affect the effectiveness of raw materials. The current common processing method is to place a temperature and humidity measuring instrument in the workshop or warehouse. Go to the site to check the specific temperature manually. In this way, the temperature warning is not timely. The statistics are difficult, and the data is inaccurate. The protection level of the temperature and humidity sensor is IP65. It can be used outdoors or in dusty occasions. High sensitivity, accurate measurement, strong anti-interference and stable performance.

temperature and humidity sensor
temperature and humidity sensor
Temperature and humidity sensors applicable environment

The temperature and humidity sensors is suitable for a variety of special environments. high and low temperature, high and low humidity. pollution, dust, flammable, explosive and other environments. Not suitable for transmitter placement. Widely used in dryers, kilns, meteorology, environmental protection. power plants, cement maintenance, wood, medicine, textiles. chemicals, metallurgy, food, batteries, fur, ceramics, air conditioning warehouses. cold storage. wine Temperature and humidity measurement and control for industrial and agricultural industries, feed, geothermal and wet land.

The overall performance and superiority of the temperature and humidity sensors have made a huge breakthrough. and its application and development are becoming more and more intelligent. The reason why temperature and humidity sensors dominate the market.


The wall-mounted temperature sensor also has the advantages of small size, light weight, high measurement accuracy, fast response speed. And good long-term stability. Therefore, it is used in meteorology. national defense, scientific research, post and telecommunications, tobacco, chemical industry, environmental protection, and archival preservation. Storage of medical and health care, hotels, grain and other materials, and preservation of fruits. It appears in various occasions where air temperature measurement and control are required, such as high-end residences. Now many wall-mounted temperature sensors produced by sensor manufacturers can not only simulate signal output but also have digital display function, which is very convenient for customers to use. This has further promoted the development of wall-mounted temperature sensors. With the development of science and technology, wall-mounted temperature sensors may even enter every household to monitor the indoor temperature of the households.