Application of Spore Catcher in agricultural sensor

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Spore trap

Have you seen diseases in crops? Do you know how terrible crop diseases are? Do you know how difficult it is to control crop diseases? Diseases are the main factor that seriously endangers the growth of crops, and they are also a headache for their workers. It not only inhibits the growth of crops, but also leads to deterioration of agricultural products or reduced yields. Sometimes even large areas of crops die. The current agricultural sensor spore capture instrument can detect blight, rust, rot, mildew, powdery mildew, leaf spot, vine blight, brown spot sclerotia, verticillium wilt, black spot, rust, and perforation Disease, ring spot disease, angular spot disease and so on.

agricultural sensor
agricultural sensor
Harm of pathogenic spores

According to statistics, there are more than 1,000 diseases affecting various crops. More than half of the part is caused by the spread of pathogenic spores through air currents and infecting crops. As an airborne plant disease, the spores of pathogens are highly contagious and prone to outbreaks. So it is also considered more terrifying and harder to deal with. Therefore, in order to reduce the difficulty of dealing with it, it is necessary to do a good job of disease monitoring in advance. Once the occurrence of plant diseases is monitored. Workers can take timely measures for prevention and control and reduce the impact of diseases on the growth of crops.

Significance of using spore catcher in agricultural sensor

The spore catcher is put into use in agricultural sensor. Establish a spore monitoring station to monitor spores and catch spores in time. Can greatly reduce the use of pesticides. Protect crops from pests and firmly establish a new concept of developing green agriculture. The development of green agriculture is a pillar industry and an important growth point for the future rural economy. It is the fundamental way for farmers to increase their labor income. It is the future development direction of agriculture.