Introduction of smart sprinkler controller

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With the rapid development of China’s agricultural modernization process, the adjustment of agricultural structure, and my country’s entry into the WTO and other factors. The requirements for water-saving irrigation automation technology are getting higher and higher. And smart sprinkler controller have a huge market in my country. Water-saving irrigation controllers should be developed in the direction of low price, reliable performance and easy operation in China in the near future. However, considering the long-term benefits, the introduction, application and popularization of new intelligent technology, sensor technology and agricultural technology. There will be irrigation controller with higher intelligence, stronger functions, and more stable and reliable performance.

At present, most of the automatic irrigation controllers on the market are imported and sold on behalf of them. And there are problems such as technical support cannot keep up, after-sales guarantees are not guaranteed. And the price is expensive. Jingxun Changtong irrigation controller is to solve this problem, add new vitality to the market, and provide customers with better and cheaper irrigation helpers.

smart sprinkler controller
smart sprinkler controller

Large-screen LCD display—all the operation information on the operation interface can be displayed on one screen of the irrigation controller. The interface is simple and easy to operate.

Button control-the irrigation controller can control the two solenoid valves separately. It is simple and fast to open the irrigation, and the indicator light operation feedback, the irrigation status can be checked at any time, and the use is more assured.

The irrigation controller can be matched with an irrigation solenoid valve: the switch is controlled by a pulse signal, and there is no need to continuously output a signal during irrigation. The valve body is made of reinforced nylon material and EPDM rubber diaphragm to resist chemical agents used in agriculture. Built-in pressure regulator, equipped with adjustment knob in the range of 0.7~4.5bar.

The irrigation controller is suitable for small-scale irrigation control. It is suitable for park scenic spots, villa courtyards, gardens, grassland greening, greenhouses, gardens, etc.