Smart irrigation system-a new weapon for water-saving irrigation

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My country’s agricultural background

Agriculture is the lifeblood of my country’s economy and a major water user. For a long time because of ideological, financial, technical and other reasons. The relatively traditional and backward agricultural irrigation system has been used. Not only the water consumption is large, but the water utilization rate is low. It will also have a certain impact on the ecological environment. In order to realize intelligent water-saving irrigation. Smart irrigation systems replace traditional drip irrigation facilities. The system organically combines irrigation water-saving technology, crop cultivation technology, and operation and management technology of water-saving irrigation projects. At the same time, it integrates electronic information technology, remote measurement and control network technology, computer control technology and information collection and processing technology. Through the computer generalization and modular design program. Build an automatic monitoring and control system for water supply flow, pressure, soil moisture, crop growth information, and meteorological data.

Intelligent irrigation system application

At present, the intelligent irrigation system has been popularized in many large-scale planting bases. Its application has improved the theoretical research of high-efficiency water saving in agriculture to the level of practical application technology. The system has strong practicability, diverse irrigation control methods, and simple operation. It can be widely used in irrigation management of food, vegetables, flowers, fruit trees, and greenhouses.

smart irrigation systems
smart irrigation systems
Advantages of Smart Irrigation System

Smart irrigation systems can save manpower, because the whole process does not require manpower to manage. The user can observe the soil condition in real time through the mobile phone. Remote manual control is possible on the computer platform (manual and automatic control can be flexibly switched). It also helps to improve the soil environment where crops grow, and it controls irrigation based on collected data. Such irrigation is more scientific, more timely and reasonable. The application of intelligent irrigation systems in the landscape has been generally recognized by everyone. It can improve the utilization rate of water resources and reduce labor costs. It has become an indispensable part of modern garden maintenance.