Composition of automatic water irrigation control system

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The importance of landscaping

Landscaping is the only living infrastructure in the city and the only system with self-purification capabilities. It can adjust the temperature, humidity and flow state in the air, and can absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. And can block and absorb some harmful gases and reduce urban noise. Thereby improving the urban ecological environment. The irrigation system is as important to landscaping as the tap water system is to urban residents. It is an important infrastructure for the maintenance of landscaping. Here is a brief description of the composition of the automatic water irrigation control system for landscaping.

Elements of automatic garden irrigation system

The irrigator is a device for irrigating green plants with different water distribution methods. Commonly used landscaping sprinklers include buried non-rotating sprinklers, rotating sprinklers, root sprinklers, micro sprinklers, drip arrows, drip irrigation pipes and so on.

The water pipe network connects the irrigators, valves and water sources in the irrigation system. Just like the blood vessels of the human body. Generally divided into main pipes and branch pipes, the main pipe is connected to the water source and the control valve of the irrigation district. The branch pipe is connected to the control valve of the irrigation plot and the water dispenser. The material of the pipe is generally PE or PVC plastic pipe.

The irrigation solenoid valves is used as the control valve for the irrigation district. It acts as a link between the previous and the next in the irrigation system, not only connecting the water pipe network and the irrigation device, but also the executor of the controller’s commands. The solenoid valve is a hydraulically driven diaphragm valve controlled by an electric signal. According to the difference of electrical signals, it is generally divided into DC pulse valve or AC valve.

automatic water irrigation control system
automatic water irrigation control system
Automatic water irrigation control system for landscaping

The control system is the center of the automatic irrigation system for landscaping, depending on the size of the project and the different control requirements. Its core is a timing controller, which sets conditions such as opening time and running time of a certain solenoid valve. Control the on-off action of the solenoid valve to achieve the purpose of watering the plants by the irrigator.