Intelligent irrigation controller, realizing garden irrigation without leaving home

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Irrigation controller

At present, the commonly used irrigation methods on the market are drip irrigation and sprinkler irrigation. No matter what irrigation method is used, the completion of its irrigation requires the joint action of many components in order to be better completed. Among them, it includes what we are going to talk about today-the controller. So, how much do you know about irrigation controllers? Next, let’s talk about the irrigation controller.The controller is where the entire irrigation system is controlled. It controls the specific time of irrigation, the length of watering time and the number of days between watering.

How to choose a suitable irrigation controller?

In order to reduce surface runoff, the system should choose an irrigation timer that can control the irrigation time, that is, a timing controller. Each program has a different start-up time. When using it, you should first determine the time required for each station to generate surface runoff. So as to adjust the watering time each time.

irrigation controllers
irrigation controllers
Advantages of Smart Irrigation Controller

The intelligent irrigation controller can automatically adjust the watering amount according to the local weather conditions. When it rains, the intelligent irrigation controllers can reduce or close the irrigation to save water. It can be based on the set parameters. The weather trigger condition input into the controller automatically adjusts the water up and down, thus playing a role. This is very suitable for water saving. Be sure to pay attention to the situation of the vegetation’s replenishment water. It is necessary to adjust the trigger to solve the problem of lack or excessive water supply.
The intelligent irrigation controllers includes a cloud, and the control terminal can be accessed by applications on computers, smartphones, and tablets. Thus, the irrigation method can be easily adjusted anywhere. Some smart irrigation controllers also include flow meters and other smart technologies that will alert some of the leaking points in the irrigation system.