What is a rainfall gauge

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Use rain gauge background

It is urgent to use rainfall gauge to scientifically respond to changes in the natural environment, geological disasters, and flood disaster predictions. With the rapid development of society, the population has grown too fast. Human beings have insufficient consideration of the water resources carrying capacity and the constraints of the water environment. The contradiction between the shortage of water resources and the growth of urban water demand has become increasingly prominent. Lakes are shrinking, soil erosion and forest degradation caused by deforestation. The uneven distribution of upstream and downstream water resources, and the huge differences in water resources conditions and carrying capacity levels in different basins and regions have become increasingly prominent. The main factor of landslides, landslides and mudslides is rainfall.

What is a rainfall monitoring station

The rainfall monitoring station is a modern rainfall station based on the Internet of Things. It is composed of rain sensor, data sending device, storage battery, solar panel, bracket, etc. The device can send rainfall data in the form of wireless remote transmission. The data can be sent to the monitoring platform wirelessly and remotely.
Log in to the IoT platform to view real-time data and historical records. Remotely report the interval of data to the rain gauge station, the amount of data received, and the sending location of the device. Set parameters such as whether to clear data. Rainfall data includes rainfall status, rainfall for each data collection interval, current rainfall, daily rainfall, weekly rainfall, monthly rainfall, annual rainfall, etc. The data sent to the platform can be directly exported to the desktop EXCEL table. For users to do further data analysis and processing.

rainfall gauge
rainfall gauge

In addition to sending rainfall data after the beginning and end of the rainfall, the rainfall data will be automatically reported according to the set data reporting interval during a single rainfall;
The whole machine is small in size, equipped with a 2.3-meter stainless steel bracket, solar panels and ABS rain gauge. Which is easy to carry, transport and install;
The well-designed rain sensor has good linearity, high measurement accuracy, long transmission distance and anti-interference ability;
The sensor shell is made of ABS material, which has strong environmental resistance, is not affected by acid and alkali, does not rust, high smoothness, and small errors caused by stagnant water;
The tipping bucket component support system of the sensor is well-manufactured and the frictional torque is small. So the tipping bucket component is sensitive to flip, stable performance and reliable work.