Ambient weather station-Agricultural Environmental Monitoring

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Agricultural Environment Monitoring System The ambient weather station can continuously monitor and collect information on agro-meteorological environmental factors such as soil, moisture, light, and heat that are closely related to the growth of vegetation and crops. It can comprehensively monitor the growth status of crops and soil moisture in farmland. Keep abreast of field growth in time. When Daetian grows restricted due to these factors. Users can react quickly and take emergency precautions. So as to provide corresponding scientific data and decision-making basis for agricultural production, agricultural environmental research, crop improvement, crop phenological monitoring, pest control and other related production management work. Agricultural weather stations can be widely used in agricultural production, scientific research, and standard measurement.

ambient weather station
ambient weather station
Ambient weather station composition:

The weather station system is composed of hardware and software. The hardware includes monitoring station equipment installed outdoors. Long-term monitoring of key indicators of agricultural ecological environment such as wind direction, wind speed, air temperature and humidity, rainfall, evaporation, total solar radiation, photosynthetically active radiation, soil temperature and humidity, carbon dioxide concentration, and real-time images. Optional real scene monitoring, image monitoring equipment, LED display and mobile terminal. The software includes data collection software installed in the collector system, mobile phone APP, server receiving software and terminal application display software.


The farmland weather station is developed for the scientific, intelligent and rational production of agricultural development. It is developed to provide important basic meteorological data for the meteorological bureau, agricultural and forestry research institutions, and growers. Thus for agricultural production, agricultural environmental research, crop improvement. Monitoring of crop phenology, prevention and control of plant diseases and insect pests and other related production management work. It provides corresponding scientific data and decision-making basis. The agricultural meteorological station plays a very important role in agricultural environmental monitoring. Promote the development of smart agriculture.