Smart irrigation in farming

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The integration of water and fertilizer integration is also called fertilization by smart irrigation or “coupling of water and fertilizer.” It is a new intelligent irrigation technology developed with the help of integrated water and fertilizer equipment (water and fertilizer machine). The technological process is: fertilizer→dissolution→pressurization→transport→irrigation. The pressure system of the integrated water and fertilizer equipment is as required. Mix soluble solid fertilizer or liquid fertilizer into fertilizer solution. After being pressurized, it is transported to the roots of fruit trees together with irrigation water through a pipe system. According to the agricultural IoT sensor and intelligent control system.The precise amount of fertilizer can be controlled, punctual and quantitatively moisturize the root spread area.

smart irrigation
smart irrigation
Application and composition of water and fertilizer integration:

Water and fertilizer integration technology based on agricultural Internet of Things technology, remote sensing technology. Geographic information system and global positioning system is widely used in smart irrigation of farmland and orchard at home and abroad. The center is the integrated water and fertilizer equipment. Which is mainly composed of water source engineering. First link (including water pump, power unit, filter, fertilizer liquid injection equipment. Measuring and controlling appearance, etc.). Water delivery and distribution pipelines, and drippers.

Advantages of water and fertilizer integration:

Water and fertilizer integration equipment dissolves water and fertilizer. It is transported to the vicinity of the trunk of the fruit tree through a water pipeline.The dripper or spray nozzle will slowly release the water and fertilizer to soak the adjacent soil of the root system. The advantage of the integrated water and fertilizer technology is the simultaneous application of water and fertilizer. With fast fertilizer efficiency and high nutrient utilization. It can prevent the problems of volatilization loss and slow dissolution of fertilizers and slow fertilizer efficiency caused by fertilizers applied in relatively dry soil. It saves fertilizer and reduces environmental pollution, saving labor and time together.