Garden irrigation system of smart watering for garden

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Modern green irrigation background

In modern urbanization, greening has received more and more attention. This makes the green belt particularly important. The traditional way, whether it is manual management or ordinary timing watering. It will consume a lot of manpower and material resources or cause waste of water resources. To this end. Jingxunchangtong launched a smart watering system , a smart watering for garden solution.

Smart irrigation system

The smart irrigation system can monitor soil nutrients and water content in real time. Monitor the surface wind and rain, temperature and humidity, and light intensity. In this way, intelligent and precise irrigation, reasonable water use, and diversified spraying can be realized to enhance the landscape effect of the community. It can also realize early warning and automatic watering for abnormal plants (shortage of water and fertilizer). And provide maintenance program recommendations for green plants.

smart watering
smart watering
Disadvantages of traditional garden maintenance

Garden management lies in “three-point planting and seven-point maintenance”. However, traditional garden maintenance has many pain points. First of all, labor costs are rising year by year, and water consumption is large. The cost of relying on manual inspection and watering is high. According to relevant data, labor costs and water costs account for 62% and 23% of garden management costs, respectively! Secondly, manual watering is not beautiful. It cannot meet the management needs of large-area, multi-level, and vertical greening. Simple timing watering equipment will also greatly waste water, which is also not a good choice.

Advantages of Jingxun Smart Irrigation System

The Jingxun Changtong Smart Irrigation System can be remotely controlled and managed through the Internet of Things platform. Environmental data viewing. It also uses multiple solutions such as wireless sensing, solar power, and built-in batteries. At the same time, the latest low-power wireless communication technology is utilized. Make installation and use more convenient and smart.