Introduction of wind velocity sensor and wind direction sensor

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In ancient times, people knew the use of wind energy, Zhuge Liang used the direction of the wind to burn walls in the east. If the wind speed and direction can be measured. The wind can be used more effectively. In modern society, with the development of science and technology, wind speed sensors and wind direction sensors for measuring wind velocity sensor and wind direction sensor have also been widely used in meteorological monitoring.

Wind velocity sensor introduction

The Wind speed sensor is a sensor that can continuously measure wind speed and air volume. Using the traditional three wind cup structure. It is composed of three carbon fiber wind cups and a cup holder. The wind cup is made of ABS carbon fiber composite material, which has high strength and strong wind resistance. The hollow cup shell is fixed on the three-pointed star brackets at 120° or the cross-shaped brackets at 90°. The concave surfaces of the cups are arranged in one direction, and the entire cross-arm frame is fixed on a vertical rotating shaft. Wind velocity sensor has the advantages of large range, good linearity, strong resistance to lightning strikes, and convenient observation。

Wind speed sensor
Wind speed sensor
Wind direction sensor introduction

The main body of the wind direction sensor adopts the mechanical structure of the wind vane. Which can measure the near-ground wind direction in the outdoor environment. Through the rotation of the wind direction arrow. It can detect and perceive the external wind direction information, and transmit it to the coaxial code disc, and output the corresponding wind direction value at the same time. When the wind blows to the tail of the vane, the arrow of the vane will point in the direction of the wind. It has the characteristics of strong anti-corrosion and strong anti-interference ability.

Wind direction sensor
Wind direction sensor
The importance of wind speed and wind direction sensors

The wind speed and direction sensor can be installed on the weather station to complete the observations I want. Marine storm warning: The wind direction change data provided by the marine meteorological warning system is one of the important parameters for predicting the coverage and “operation” trajectory of the typhoon. The marine meteorological warning system is One of the important applications of wind direction sensors in the field of meteorology. In deserts and plateau areas, we need to pay attention to changes in air velocity and wind direction in order to master more meteorological data. Therefore, measuring wind speed and direction is very important for meteorology.