How does a soil acidity sensor measure soil pH

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Method of measuring soil pH

In the past, people generally judged the pH of the soil roughly by looking at the source of the soil, surface plants, the texture of the soil, and the condition after watering. Now, the soil acidity sensor tester can accurately detect the soil pH, which greatly facilitates people’s lives.

Soil acidity sensor

Jingxuntong’s three-needle soil pH sensor is a sensor that quickly detects soil sensor. The appearance of the sensor is a handheld design, which is convenient for users to carry. The probe adopts a three-pin probe design and is made of stainless steel. It has good corrosion resistance and toughness. It can quickly and accurately measure the pH of the soil. Just insert the metal probe into the soil, and the measurement results can be displayed in a few seconds. It is suitable for the measurement of various soils, which greatly facilitates the monitoring of soil acidity sensor.

Soil pH is very important for crop growth. Improve the soil through the detection data, achieve the purpose of monitoring plant nutrient supply, and keep the crops in a good living condition. Environment, thereby increasing production.

Soil acidity sensor
Soil acidity sensor
Use attention

The probe must be in full contact with the soil to ensure the accuracy of the data. Only test soil and soil. In order to improve the accuracy of the test results, please use the multi-point test method to get the average value during the test. When using, be careful not to touch the stone at the test point, and do not use excessive force, otherwise the electrode will be easily damaged. It is not suitable to be inserted into the soil for a long time, as it is easy to oxidize. After the measurement is completed, wipe the dirt particles on the surface of the probe with gauze in time to keep the probe dry.