Tempest weather station-Sightseeing Rainfall Measurement Station

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Rainfall station background

Mizushi Seimeigen, irreplaceable action during the development of human race survival. Stormwater on the ground, non-evaporative evaporation, osmosis, stormwater depth on the ground, nominal rainfall (hereinafter sideburns). Tempest weather station A kind of met stations. Intuition display rainfall. Rainfall is a little direct, but it is a crop-like growth. However, there is too much precipitation or too little city, and it is easy to develop natural disasters. Defensive and defensive affairs All parties People’s Life Safety Japanese Society A critical issue. Precipitation report, talent science, water control, drought damage. Cause This amount of rainfall measurement instruments is increased.

tempest weather station
tempest weather station
Rainfall Station

Tempest weather station Measurements and Regulations Applicable Rainfalls / Instantaneous Rainfalls / 24 Small Rainfalls, etc. Passage vs. rainfall actual time measurement, time and time quasi-ground property and warning information, drought and drought damage, general rate, usable area and timely measures, maximum limit area, small number of people, and loss of production.

Features of Rain Gauge Station

It can monitor the total rainfall/instantaneous rainfall/24-hour rainfall; it has rich alarm functions, can set instantaneous rainfall alarm, total rainfall alarm and other functions; adopts solar power system large-capacity battery, which can be used for one week in continuous rainy weather (when fully charged ); Support a variety of customized sensors, you can choose to match wind speed, wind direction, blinds, rain and snow and other sensors, convenient and quick, simple to use. Meet your various needs for environmental testing.

Scope of application

It is widely used in meteorology, flood control, agriculture, hydrology and water conservancy, environmental protection, highways, airports, ports and other fields. It can provide weather stations, hydrological stations, agriculture and forestry, national defense, field observation stations and other relevant departments with raw data for measuring precipitation, precipitation intensity, precipitation time and other parameters; it can also provide water regime management for flood control, water supply scheduling, power stations and reservoirs. Provide real-time data with reference value.