Common wind sensor -wind speed sensor

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How is wind measured?

Wind has both speed and direction. An anemometer measures wind speed and a wind vane measures wind direction. A typical weathervane has a pointer in front and a fin in the back. When the wind blows, the vane points into the wind. For example, in a northerly wind, the vane points north. A cup anemometer is a common tool for measuring wind speed. The cup sucks wind, and a pressure difference is generated inside and outside the cup. The pressure difference and the wind together cause the cup to spin. An electrical switch measures rotational speed, which is directly proportional to wind speed.JXCT independently developed wind sensor. Wind direction sensor, wind speed sensor, manufacturers direct sales, welcome to consult…

ultrasonic wind speed
ultrasonic wind speed

Simple and common wind speed and direction detector introduction

Cup anemometers are prone to error at wind speeds below 3 mph because friction prevents the cup from turning. Cup anemometers will often blow away or give unreliable measurements at wind speeds above 100 mph. In freezing rain, the anemometer will actually freeze and stop turning.

Propellers can also measure wind speed. Propeller blades rotate at a rate proportional to wind speed.

Airports often use windsocks. A windsock is a tapered bag that is open at both ends. When weak, the wind is light; when stretched out, the wind is strong. Pilots can quickly determine the wind direction and speed on the runway just by observing the shape and direction of the windsock.

Sonic anemometers use sound waves that humans cannot hear to measure wind speed and direction. The instrument determines wind speed by measuring the time between when the instrument sends a pulse of sound waves and when it receives it.

Wind speed sensor
Wind speed sensor

Wind speed sensor

The wind speed sensor can be used to monitor the wind speed in the environment, accurate measurement, stable base, low friction, Three-cup wind speed measurement, high quality aviation plug, direct sales from manufacturers, support customization.It can be used for meteorological monitoring, environmental monitoring, navigation monitoring, wharf, intelligent agricultural farm planting, power plant and other environmental wind speed detection.