Application of soil meter equipment

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Soil Meter Background :

It doesn’t take gardening knowledge to tell if a plant’s soil is dry or moist, but unfortunately, sometimes soil holds moisture beyond its surface. Having a soil meter will allow you to dig deep into your plants’ soil and get an accurate picture of their health. A soil meter is a small tool that usually has one or two probes. A very basic soil meter only reads the soil moisture content. Some meters can also provide information about the pH of the soil. While these readings are usually not very accurate, extremely high or low readings will let you know there is something wrong with the health of your soil. The device is sometimes also equipped with a light meter. Taking sun exposure readings in different parts of your garden or home can help you determine whether a spot is suitable for a particular plant.

Smart soil meters go a step further and can give you actionable insights into the health of your plants and soil. A good soil meter should be accurate and easy to use. We’ve selected options to meet different green needs, including budget appliances, smart sensors, and more.

Soil moisture sensor
Soil moisture sensor

Soil Moisture Meter

Sometimes the topsoil looks wet, but deeper plant roots may be struggling to get water. Use this soil moisture meter to check if your garden needs watering. The sensor has a basic single-probe design and a color-coded dial display. It works without batteries, so you don’t need to worry about it turning off when you’re out digging, and its affordable price tag makes it a great choice for gardeners on a budget. Some adjustments may be required to ensure the probe is at the correct depth to detect moisture

soil tester-soil meter

Soil moisture meters, soil tester and soil testers are all sensors based on the principle of dielectric constant. It can dynamically observe the content of soil parameters in different soil layers, and conduct fast, accurate and comprehensive observations, so that people’s understanding of soil can reach a higher level.

Soil moisture sensor-three pin plug in sensor

Three needle soil sensor adopts the international new generation of FDR measurement method. Accuracy less than 3%; The soil moisture sensor adopts electromagnetic non-contact measurement method. Will not drift with time, greatly improve the stability of the product. Prolong the service life.