The application of ph detector in life

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The ideal pH range for growing fruits and vegetables is 6.0 – 7.0 (with the exception of a few specific plants, such as blueberries, which thrive in acidic conditions). Beyond that, plants will have less nutrients, even though the soil is nutrient-rich. At this time, the ph detector can be used for online monitoring to help people better understand the soil condition

High pH in soil is caused by:

1.Some soils just have a naturally high pH (or a naturally low pH)

2.Soils that have received excess compost, especially composted manure, tend to have a higher pH due to the accumulation of alkali cations

3.The pH of the high tunnel sometimes increases over time. Without rain to flush nutrients through the soil, they build up over time, increasing the soil’s alkalinity. This also tends to raise the pH.

Soil pH sensor

Soil pH sensor-soil pH meter

The soil pH value rapid measuring instrument (soil pH value sensor), which solves the traditional measurement of soil pH value that requires professional display instruments. The calibration is cumbersome, integration is difficult, the accuracy is low, the price is expensive, and it is difficult to carry. 

Soil quick test platform
Soil quick test platform

Portable Soil sensor-Soil quick test platform

Quick Gauge (portable soil sensor) can insert the sensor into the soil. And displays the results within seconds. Simple and convenient, no need to buy. There is no need to purchase a different soil detector to detect and measure soil parameters. Greatly reduce the use cost of customers, convenient user measurement.