Smart agriculture shapes the future of agriculture

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Today, what we call “smart agriculture” means that agriculture has entered a digital era. A typical example is the United States, which has now entered the stage of “smart agriculture”. But its agriculture also went from the stage of genification in 1900 to the stage of intelligent agriculture after 2000. Europe, too, has a history. It can also be seen that European and American countries are about 20 years ahead of our country in smart agriculture and digital agriculture.

Wisdom agriculture
Wisdom agriculture
Wisdom agriculture and smart agriculture equipment

Now generally speaking, agriculture has entered a 4.0 stage. The concept of agriculture 4.0 includes the integration of modern information technology and intelligent agricultural machinery equipment. In particular, since the beginning of the 14th Five-Year Plan, we have carried out reforms to promote agricultural development. To achieve high-quality development, smart agriculture has a very good embodiment. Very direct embodiment is that the traditional production mode to accurate and efficient green mode of change. It has achieved a shift from over-reliance on manual to mechanical. There is also a change from farmers’ subjective empirical judgment to big data intelligent agricultural decision-making.

On the operational level. One positioning for smart agriculture is to carry out data-driven, knowledge fusion, service integration and resource coordination based on Internet artificial intelligence. Strive for intelligent decision-making, fine control, simple and labor-saving, safety traceability, e-commerce docking, to achieve the integration of different sectors in the agricultural industry. Strive to achieve through equipment to replace manpower, through the computer to replace the human brain during the “fourteenth five-year plan”. On the other hand, as we accumulate so much data now, we want to realize the value created by data eventually.

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