Talking about the role of Internet of Things in greenhouses

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Mobile phones, today’s functions are not limited to communication tools. It is a tool for entertainment, study, work, consumption, navigation, etc. All-in-one, agricultural knowledge, etc. can also be learned through mobile phones. Now with the blessing of the Internet of Things, managing greenhouses with mobile phones has become a reality. You can also check the growth status of fruits and vegetables in the greenhouse from thousands of miles away. Greenhouse Internet of Things can better manage and control.

Greenhouse Internet of Things
Greenhouse Internet of Things
Greenhouse Internet of Things System

Greenhouses, as equipment and facilities for cultivating plants, are primarily responsible for maintaining a production environment such as temperature and humidity. Provide the required growth factors such as temperature, humidity, water and fertilizer in the links that are not suitable for plant growth such as autumn and winter. It is widely used in the cultivation of warm vegetables, flowers, forest trees, medicinal materials, mushrooms and other plants. Carbon dioxide, soil moisture, air humidity, ultraviolet rays, and illuminance are all essential factors for the growth of crops. If these elements can be monitored. The convenience in making various adjustments is conceivable.

The greenhouse control system uses sensors such as temperature and humidity, light intensity, carbon dioxide, and soil temperature and humidity. It allows growers and managers to operate and observe the overall development of data through mobile APPs and computers. Managers don’t need to go back and forth between greenhouses. Traditional data collection and temperature and humidity control require managers to collect, organize, and analyze data from one greenhouse to one greenhouse. Not only wastes a lot of time but also consumes a lot of energy.