What is Smart Agriculture IoT

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Smart agriculture means modern new type of agriculture, which is an advanced stage of agricultural production. The smart agricultural technology system mainly includes agricultural Internet of Things, agricultural big data and agricultural cloud platform. Fully apply the achievements of modern information technology, integrate and apply computer and network technology, Internet of Things technology, audio and video technology, sensor technology, wireless communication technology and expert wisdom and knowledge platforms. Realize intelligent management such as agricultural visualization remote diagnosis, remote control, and disaster warning. Remote diagnosis communication, remote consultation, and remote consultation can be performed. Then gradually establish the visual communication and application mode of agricultural information service. Realize remote and precise monitoring and control of agricultural production environment. Improve the management level of facility agricultural construction. Relying on the knowledge of agricultural experts stored in the knowledge base, using mechanisms such as reasoning and analysis. Objective To guide the production and circulation of agriculture and animal husbandry.With the continuous development of the Internet of Things in the field of smart agriculture, it has promoted the continuous development of the Internet of Things in smart agriculture.

Smart Agriculture IoT
Smart Agriculture IoT
Talking about the Smart Agriculture IoT

Smart agriculture relies on various sensing nodes (environmental temperature and humidity, soil moisture, carbon dioxide, images, etc.) deployed on agricultural production sites. Technologies such as intelligent perception, intelligent early warning, intelligent decision-making, intelligent analysis, and expert online guidance of agricultural production environments can be realized through wireless communication networks. Provide precise planting, visual management, and intelligent decision-making for agricultural production.

Smart farming is about farming as a center. Through “Internet + agricultural enterprises”, “Internet + agriculture”, relying on agricultural big data, cloud computing and Internet of Things technology to form a complete smart agricultural industry chain. Promote the combination of modern information technology and the whole process of agricultural production. Through the comprehensive application of science and technology, it can effectively connect all aspects of agricultural production. Realize intelligent agricultural production. Completely change the concept of agricultural producers and consumers.